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Upcoming Events

FaceTime / Skype Private Yoga Lessons and Private Meditation Lessons With Joseph! Here is an opportunity for you to experience private yoga sessions with Joseph from the comfort of your home, office, while on vacation, etc. Click here for details NOW!

My New Yoga Video is now available for purchase. Click here to purchase NOW! Thank you in advance for your support!

Marketing/Events Inquiries - Email me at joseph@josephstingley.com.

Joseph’s Blog
    • Quiet Your Entire Being!: I'm asking you to slow down today. Start today paying careful attention to every aspect of your whole being (spirit, mind, body). Many if not all of us are at a place in our lives we need to take the time to inhale and exhale deeply more than ever before regarding things that we are facing. We don't necessary need the “hot yoga” or “flow yoga” that we think we need. We actually need the “gentle or restorative” yoga that our bodies really needs and craves. It's time for our society as a whole to learn how to be calm,...
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