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RYT200 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING! I'm now accepting application for FALL 2016 YOGA TRAINING. My next training session starts in September 2016. Click here for additional information and an application!

NEW PUBLISHED BOOK! Amazon.com just published my New Book "Something to Think About - Something to Consider" Click here to purchase now!

PUBLIC CLASSES I TEACH! Here is where I teach public classes. I look forward to seeing you in class! Click here to see my schedule!

MY NEW YOGA VIDEO! Now available for purchase. Click here to purchase NOW! Thank you in advance for your support!

MEDITATION LAB! A page designed just for to you access meditation methods for your soul! Click here to access the Meditation lab page!

MARKETING/EVENTS INQUIRES! Email me at joseph@josephstingley.com.

Soul Motivation RYS 200 Teacher Training

Joseph’s Blog
    • Meditation Wednesday!: Over the past years I have grown to enjoy and look forward to my daily meditation practice. However, there are days that my mind is yet drawn to distractions. If I’m not alert to the creeping in of the distractions, they can bring about a temptation that will keep my thoughts focus on them. Interesting I now am able to turn myself away from the distractions immediately, seeing them as they truly are - unacceptable. As I have applied this method over and over again, I can truly say that I have a great appreciation of living in the moment,...
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