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Yoga for You With An Ocean View!

Coming soon . . . your chance to smell the ocean, feel the sand, and give yourself a week to retreat, rejuvenate, relax and restore. You enjoy daily yoga practices and meditation sessions, deliciously healthy food, a breathtaking beach, simple yet beautiful accommodations.

You will be led through two yoga practices per day, including meditation sessions from a variety of styles and traditions of yoga, from the most gentle of practices to as challenging as you are seeking. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi, you will find what you are looking for and come away fulfilled and renewed.

When you aren’t practicing yoga, meditation, or enjoying their yummy meals, you have many choices to keep yourself as occupied, as you would like. Whether you would like to laze around on a hammock, bask on the beach, go swimming, take a walk, or enjoy the ocean activities of snorkeling, or kayaking. Your evenings can be filled with dancing, a bonfire, or perhaps lounging and socializing or simply quiet time in your rooms.

Remember this retreat is for you! More information coming soon!
~ Joseph Stingley