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Divorce, Holidays & Mindfulness Meditation!

Something that has been on my heart for a few weeks . . . I believe now is the time to share. As we approach the holidays, it is important to recognize that many of us are products of divorce. Divorce, combined with holidays, can bring about even greater stress, often giving rise to unwelcome feelings such as anxiety, confusion, and grief.

This holiday I want to suggest that we offer ourselves compassion, kindness, sympathy, healing, and assurance that our Creator loves us more than we could ever imagine. We will be tender and kind to ourselves, moving forward, reassuring ourselves, especially during this time – just like we would a close friend or child that is experiencing stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation is a great tool to consider that can benefit us greatly and will help us let go of pointless thoughts or avoid the same unwelcome experience. In my personal experience – mindfulness meditation works.

Love you all!
~ Joseph Stingley

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