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Things That Matter: February 8, 2017

Things That Matter
February 8, 2017
A weekly blog by Joseph Stingley

We are now two plus months into 2017. Many would say and others would agree that this is either one of the most critical times in our lives or one of the most encouraging times in our lives. In both cases, it’s a great opportunity to practice the unconditional love of our Creator.

If we have not taken the time to start our mornings with stillness, prayer, and meditation, perhaps we should strongly consider doing so. It could be the very thing that brings stability that we so desperately need at this time in our lives. We do have a wonderful opportunity to bring about powerful and important changes in our lives as well as the lives of others. A place of agreement may not come with many topics that are looking us in the face daily. But, we can find truth in seeking God and His wisdom for such a time as this.

There is a healing that is within us to bring to others and there is a healing outside of us that others will bring to us, if we allow it to come forth. A prayer of mine that I believe we all should use “God, it’s not others that but me, in the need of your grace, mercy and wisdom.” Personally, my soul has shifted to a different level of awakening and awareness. Now is the time I must go deeper with relationship with God. I need more clarity and wisdom for the present time.

The season we are in and I don’t foresee it changing is who we really are will come forth. We will either represent light, love and truth or we will represent darkness, difficulty hatred, enmity, unsteadiness and inaccuracy. In closing, let us confess this will be our best year yet, not ever, but yet. Let us only say and do the things that are surrounded by and in the love of our Creator, taking and giving His love and healing to all we come in contact with. It is our Creator’s power and might that lives and shines through us which will bring this to past. We will be the vessels to get this done.

A closing pray for us “God, we choose to fully believe and accept that You are good and love us unconditionally. We make the conscious decision to line up our choices with Your purpose and will. We thank You for continuing to reveal Your desire and purpose to us. Amen.” Love you all! ~ Joseph Stingley

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