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Things That Matter: March 22, 2017!

Part of my morning ritual involves a devotional reading / study, prayer and meditation. From the devotional and prayer time, I get my focus or intention on what I should meditate on. I also keep a log on what the focus is for that day.

In going back over my notes, two words have reappeared over and over again. The words are “peace,” and “surrender.” I found that at any given moment in my life I am choosing peace by surrendering. A small whisper says “Joseph, choose peace by surrendering.” That whisper is God. How do I know? Because in the past when I have surrender upon peace, abundance appeared in my life, in the area of life that I needed it the most.

God, our Creator will always show us the path of surrender and peace. If we have inner turmoil, constantly fighting within ourself with thoughts that include fear, anxiety, stress . . . these are not from above. I have said many times that “Anything outside of Love is an illusion.” Thoughts of . . . I will never be happy, have enough finances, have a husband, have a wife, etc are not of God. They are from a dark place which we have allowed to tell us lies and dominate our life.

When we surrender unto peace, we are allowing God to take full control of our life. Our life will continue with the various activities and responsibilities we have . . . Yet, with peace. Just knowing peace is within us and within reach from our Creator keeps us awaken to and living in the spiritual realm of LOVE, which is who God is.

The challenges will come and darkness will continue to knock at our door. However, the knocking will become not as frequent and not as loud as we stay connected and surrendered. I have pray the following many times regarding many situations in my life, “God, help me see this situation different. Help me see it from Your point of view.”

This simple prayer always brings a surrendering and peace within me. The choice will always be ours to receive peace by surrendering or give into fear, anxiety, stress and doubt, just to name a few. Let us choose peace and ask our Creator for help at any given moment and at any given time. ~ Joseph Stingley

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