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Things That Matter: March 8, 2017!

The present time we are now living in has brought about distress all around us. And, from what I have seen, following the path of Love (God) has been an undertaking for many . . . The fruit of unconditional love has been challenged at every step. However, the assurance that we have is that our Creator has already made provisions and solutions for every problem we could or will ever encounter. This commitment needs to be stamped into our hearts. With this as our assurance, when we become face-to-face with distress, we use our faith and trust, knowing that God has all and full authority and power.

Starting over at any given moment, coming back at any given moment, to our original state of being Love, will get and see us through any test, no matter how severe they are. Each day we learn to let go of the anxiety that the worlds brings and turn it over to our Creator who gives us peace, rest, and strength beyond our human understanding. Today, we take heart, knowing “All is well” and “It will be alright!” ~ Joseph Stingley

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