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Things That Matter: April 5, 2017!

I have been asked on more occasions than I can remember on my formula for daily quiet time. Here it is. Please feel free to use the information for your daily quiet time too.

1) Set aside a daily time and a place where you will have privacy, quiet and no interruptions. Depending on what phase of life you are in (example: small children, etc.), you may need to ask our Creator to make a way where there seems to be no way. The time can be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes or even more if you can.

2) I offer gratitude and thanksgiving to our Creator first. It invites Him to come and be a part of this special time. It also brings about a remembrance of all that He has done for me.

3) I find a devotional or reading that is presented to me right after the gratitude and thanksgiving. This is where I receive insights and revelations on what to meditate about. The meditation may stay with me throughout the day and into the evening. The phrase or words you meditate on will have a significance and special meaning to you. Whatever you meditate on the most is what you will believe. What you really believe in your heart is what you speak all the time and what you speak determines what happens in your life.

I truly trust the above information will be a blessing to you and others if you decide to share. Love you all! ~ Joseph Stingley

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