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Things That Matter: May 31, 2017!

May 30, 2017, marked 60 years of life for me on this wonderful place we call earth. Moses, a biblical patriarch lived to be 120 years old in good health and strength (spirit, soul and body. Because there is so much I’m yet called to do, I asked our Creator to grand me the same number of years as Moses.

There are things I do daily that has brought me this far in life that I will continue. Each morning I stand in front of my mirror and boldly declare, “I am the son whom God loves. I am the apple of His eye. Everything I do and touch is blessed! His wisdom, favor and provision flow mightily in and through me.” In doing this, I am accessing our Creator’s abundant provision, and all the stress, worries, negative emotions and anxieties fades away. Just maybe something for you to consider too. Have a wonderful day everyone! ~ Joseph Stingley

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