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Things That Matter: July 19, 2017!

I have a strong desire to pray for the mothers in the blog post . . . “That you keep correcting your children in love, using words when necessary, keep showing them how to be calm with a quiet and gentle spirit. That you take time throughout your day to compose yourself, keep coming back to your breathe. That you apologize and ask forgiveness of your children when need be, teaching them the same. That you not give-up and fall apart, nor fear that you are not enough. You are enough and if you are not, your Creator is! That you share life, share love, share relationship, praying with and over your children, letting them know that they are from above, from the Father of Light, made from and out of His unconditional love. Now, I speak peace, compassion, ease and no-stress upon you all!”

Love you mothers! ❤️ ~ Joseph Stingley


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