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Things That Matter: August 16, 2017!

VISION I HAD — The early hours of Saturday, August 12, 2017, as I sat to meditate . . . “I immediately saw a vision of myself weeping for our nation. The weeping was due to the evil that had creep into society. There was burning, our young men and women dying senselessly, babies not allowed to be nursed by their mothers and women being scorned without shame. Whether the vision was in the past, present, or future time, I don’t know. At the end of the vision, a peace appeared within the earth and the sun was shinning. My weeping stopped. Our Creator was with us.”

I have faith in humanity, and will continue to believe better days are ahead, with opportunities to bring darkness to Light. My prayer is that our eyes and speech become open to TRUTH, that God is love, and we that love are born of God, and have a relationship with Him. Refusing to love, shows we actually don’t know anything about God, His character nor personality, because we don’t love. Today, we keep this mantra in our hearts and in our lips “All is well!” ~ Joseph Stingley

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