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Workshop: The Embodied Root: A Comprehensive Approach to Studying the Pelvic Floor

Come be a part of this special event and training with Dr. Jaime Goldman (@womanunfolding), where you will learn how you can start taking better care of your pelvic floor. This event, open to the public, including physical therapists, medical personnel, personal trainers, yoga teachers, and all lifecycle stages, particularly post-partum (whether you birthed recently or not so recently). We are looking forward to seeing you at this event and training!

Special Note For Current Mothers: If you have a baby that is nursing or if you are pumping and want to attend this workshop, we want to let you know that you are “Welcome To Attend With Your Baby.” We believe and strongly support that being a parent and a new Mom you have the right to nurse your baby in public and whenever the need arises. For this workshop, we welcome “babies in arms” where mothers will have the opportunity to nurse their babies during our breaks throughout the workshop, during the workshop, or whenever the baby needs nursing.

We will provide a private place, should privacy be desired, for mothers and their babies for nursing, including if mothers need to pump / store milk. We also encourage mothers to bring a baby carseat where the baby can rest next to Mom if desired during the workshop. Last but not least, if you need are away from a length of time due to nursing, either onsite or offsite, we will have the information missed available and online, therefore keeping you current and connected with the workshop materials.

Please let us know what you desire and need during the workshop and we will to the best of our ability make it happen. Please click on the above menu or go to:

Thank you!
Dr. Jaime Goldman & Joseph Stingley

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