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With Gratitude — Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Holiday is the perfect time for us to reflect on God, the Creator’s abundance of blessings and a time for us to express our gratitude with thankfulness to Him and to the people around us.

Personally, I find that as I take time daily in gratitude and thankfulness to God, it brings about a restoration within my soul, including a state of total peace inside out.

This Thanksgiving Holiday, I ask us to think about God’s never ending, and unconditional love. His inexhaustible grace, and mercy. And, His never ending accessible presence in our lives. In doing so, we come to see others with His outlook, blessing them, loving them, without judgement, and unconditional.

I pray and sent blessings, calm, ease, healing, love, and peace to you, your family, and friends this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!
With love, with great love, and peace!
Joseph Stingley

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