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Things That Matter: December 6, 2017!

As we make plans and move into the rest of our year and the incoming new year, we may face pitfalls, such as distractions of all sorts, thoughts and voices of doubt, opportunities for shortcuts, and discouraging delays. If we take a quick look at the blessings of our past, we had pitfalls and challenges, ever after the Creator gave us clear directions to do things, and we overcame them . . . We can do the same today and tomorrow too!

In moving forward, let us ask the Creator to help us establish goals for the holiday season approaching and the new year. As we do, we will be ready to move forward and learn how to handle the pitfalls that could potentially keep us from getting where the Creator wants us to go

Have an amazing day and wonderful rest of your week everyone! My love is with you always!

With love, with great love, and peace!
~ Joseph Stingley

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