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Choose This Day!

Each day we wake up with a choice to start our day with gratitude and thanksgiving to God, for a day we have never seen before, nor will see again. Or, do we wake up with thoughts of what we have to do that day, what is the weather going to be like, what is going on in the local, national, or world news, or what Facebook or Instagram posts we didn’t see before heading to bed the night before?

It’s interesting how we can put everything that we have to do when we first wake up, making them all a priority before saying “Thank You God for this day.” This should not be the case! My prayer, and desire is that we become less self-focused and more God-focused, the moment we wake up to a new day.

Our reality should be that each and every day is a day that the Creator has made, and we will take the first few minutes upon waking up to be thankful for it. This simple but powerful practice can become a daily morning routine that will transform our life inside out, giving us the assurance that if challenges come before us, we are confident that God has already prepared the outcome to be in our favor.

If you are not sure on how to start, you can pray this prayer . . . “Dear God, help me to choose You first each day. Help me to remember that whatever challenges come before me, You have already worked them out, and for my good. Amen.”

Sending you love, healing, and peace.
~ Joseph Stingley

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