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Things That Matter: January 10, 2018!

How are we doing so far in 2018? Do we have dreams not shared with any, a fresh start of something we have never done before?

Many of us will experience a fresh start we didn’t foresee, expect, or could have imagine or known. It will not be a familiar place. It will be everything unlike what we have done, experience, or live before. The fresh start is an adventure that will bring many questions to others, including family, and friends, as “Why Now?” Yet, what we are doing, and pursuing seems and feels so right.

We are not to be trapped by what happened in our past, because it does not, and will not determine our future. We are not to be concerned about what others will say, what they will think, nor how they will react. The plans for us are good, and not for disaster. They are designed to give us a wonderful, and bright future, with days full of hope.

There is no fear within us, nor fear of repeating actions of last year associated with fear. There is a knowing on the inside that we have to follow this path. And, I personally, can hear The Holy Spirit saying “I will show you how, and what to do. Just trust Me.”

We don’t have to have all the answers, the how, where, and when. We are to stay present, living in the moment, with expectations, and ready to make the decision immediately when we hear the calling, and direction . . . Moving without hesitation.

Oh, this is going to be a year full of exciting adventures, filled with faith and power, like we have never experience or known before. We move forward in the Creator’s promise of grace, and blessing, leaving the past behind, and stepping into the future He has for us.  This will be our best year yet!

Sending you peace, healing, and love.
~ Joseph Stingley

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