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Things That Matter: January 17, 2018!

Let No One Frustrate Your Purpose! Many of you were born for such a purpose, and time as this, to destroy the works of darkness, the underworld. There are no short cuts for what we have been created to do. We will be given opportunities to receive everything the underworld has to offer. The conversations of such will come at the hour, at a time, when we are physically and spiritually exhausted, needing to refresh, to recharge.

My prayer for us when such temptation come is . . . “That we will not look for an easy way to keep from moving forward, nor short cuts to ease the discomfort. That we will not bow down to mundane desires, and offerings of the flesh. That we will not entertain thoughts of stopping, giving in, looking back, seeing if there is possibly another way to fulfill our assignments. I pray that we will open our mouth with thanksgiving, and much gratitude, asking our Creator for help to complete the mission assigned.”

Sending you love, healing, and peace.
~ Joseph Stingley

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