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Things That Matter: January 24, 2018!

When it comes to our areas of concern, our human efforts to solve our problems, despite the best of intentions, cannot produce results that are as beautiful as if we were to allow the Creator’s wisdom and timing to do it. It’s when we rest from our self-efforts and struggles to solve our problems, and allow Him to work in us and through us, that we see divine results.

From personal experience, I’m yet learning how to walk in unconditional love daily. Even with the prayers I pray, the studying I do, and the meditations I practice daily, I yet am finding areas for improvement.

We are to stop trying to make it all happen through our own strength and wisdom. We are to cease from trying and start trusting God. Let Him work in and through us to overcome our challenges, accomplish our dreams and fulfill His plans and purposes for our life. When God does it with His incomparable wisdom, power and timing, it can only be perfect!

Love you all very much!
~ Joseph

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