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Things That Matter: January 3, 2018!

As we move a few days deeper into January 2018, our trust will not be in our own abilities to resolve situations, circumstances, or problems. We find rest in the grace of our Creator, trusting Him unconditionally, following His lead in all things . . . Yes, in all things. There are miracles waiting for us daily, even hourly, if that is our desire and need.

The year 2018 will be our best year yet, but only if we stop striving in our own efforts, and allow divine wisdom, and divine solution to come forth from God, as we ask for help. This is how we abound, living in overflow, in 2018. We do this together. We do this as a collective group, and the addictions will cease, the sickness will leave, and all place of lack will disappear, leaving us with abundance in all areas of our life.

As long as there is light, and the light is forever, I will love you!
With love, with great love, and peace.
~ Joseph Stingley

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