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Things That Matter: March 28, 2018!

There are times when I see individuals, some I have known for a long time, and others — it’s our first time meeting. A strong conviction comes upon them regarding their past and current challenges, failures, and struggles in life. They avoid looking me in my eyes, and have an inward defeated posture that shows in their physical position, looking down toward the ground.

With a smile, and open arms, I approach them with the love of God, hugging them tight, allowing them to hold me as long as they need, giving time for the Holy Spirit to enter every inch of their body inside out. Sometimes, I’ll whisper in their ears that I love them dearly, but Jesus loves them more. I tell them, there is now, no condemnation, go in peace, He is with them. I say the same to you . . . Reading this post. ~ Joseph Stingley

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