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Things That Matter: April 11, 2018!

When I was growing up as a child, even to my late teen-age years, whenever we heard or knew of someone suffering from sickness, whether it was physical, emotional, or spiritual, we would FIRST go to God in prayer and supplications for them. We knew the power of prayer when saints (God’s people) prayed, and God heard our prayers. We would stand in faith, hope, trusting, and believing, with an expectation of complete and total healing for them.

I am thankful for the medical doctors, nurses, and numerous staff personnel that help with the healing of individuals, including the drugs, and medications they provided. Even so, my desire is that we don’t allow God to be our last choice in seeking help, with areas where we are sick physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s go back to the place where we don’t take God, and prayers lightly.

One of the greatest things we can do that is connected directly with love, is prayer!

Sending you love, healing, and peace.
~ Joseph Stingley

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