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Things That Matter: April 4, 2018!

The other day when I got home, there was a squirrel in the grass, next to a tree, eating. I mean tearing up what was in it’s hand, just chopping it down. The thought came immediately to me that this squirrel does not have a job, nor income to provide food for it’s intake. Yet, not a day goes by without God providing food and nourishment for this squirrel, and many other animals (birds, and rabbits) where I live. It’s just amazing how God provides for them.

I was also reminded that Jesus tells us to relax, take it easy, don’t fret, nor worry about not having our needs met, nor desires granted. Our everyday human concerns will be met. He ask us to stay present, live in the moment, in the now, knowing, and trusting that God will help us deal with whatever challenges come up when the time come. ~ Joseph Stingley

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