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Things That Matter: June 13, 2018!

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Many of you, including myself are coming more into the gift of prophecy or seer. We have not slept a full night’s sleep in weeks, possibly months. We wake up during the early hours of the morning, listening to the whispers of God, seeing and experiencing visions from Him. Then, at other times, there is only silence.

Within this gift, we are able to see the many sides of God’s heart, including compassion, unrighteousness, devotion, grief, and encouragement, just to name a few. We carry within us the heart of God. We feel what He feels at different times. At times, these things have been challenging for us and difficult to learn and grasp, due to feeling as if we were on an emotional roller coaster.

I want to encourage us to don’t be disturbed, and don’t be confused. We have dedicated our lives for the sake of what’s important to God, is important to us. We carry within us the heartbeat of God, the vision and insights of His Spirit. Praying healing, peace, and love over you. ~ Joseph Stingley

Photo credit: Stellar Moon Photography @stellar_moon @jormckee

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