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During Meditation . . . Don’t Dismiss The Thoughts!

There at times, many times I sit down with God to meditate on His goodness, appreciating His presence in my life, just being aware of who He is. During this time, I may have a word, a phrase, or a bible scripture I focus on, using them as a mantra. Then, within seconds, my mind goes from one thought to another, to one place to another, and it becomes a cycle within itself. I lose my place, lose the connection with God.

When this happens, I ask the Holy Spirit to show me, reveal to me if these wanderings are things I need to deal with? Interesting enough, the Holy Spirit generally says “Yes, I need to give notice to them. I don’t need to ‘clear my mind of them.’ But allow Him to assist me in exploring these wanderings and thoughts.”

In doing so, I have been able to release fears, doubts, anxieties, just to name a few, allowing God to help me enter into and receive His unconditional love, grace, and wisdom, forming a grounding, a foundation, a knowing that will revolve into something beautiful that I could not imagine nor hope for. My desire is that this post will give you the freedom to ask for help as I do — during my meditation. Have an amazing week everyone! Praying peace, healing, and love over you. ~ Joseph Stingley

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