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God, The Source of Our Rest!

From personal experience, internal rest does not come from our work but from God’s completed work. Monthly, I take a day trip vacation to Austin TX (love this city) to reset my mind, I go to sleep early, and meditate daily. In doing all of these things, they yet do not truly restore me. You reading this post probably have experienced the same things. When our soul is in a place of unrest, the things we do on a regular and daily basis will not meet our soul at the place of need. We need an “absolute” kind of power to resolve it. God is the true source of rest.

If you reading this post can relate to these words of “unrest” within your soul, I pray that you put your attention on the truth that God is our perfect source of reset and our souls longs for His intimacy. Find a time of stillness, meditate on God as your source of rest. Ask Him for a word, or a phrase that will support and confirm this as you are still. Praying peace, healing, and love over you. ~ Joseph Stingley

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