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Navigating Constant Change.

Navigating constant change in my life is nothing new. Yet there are days I wish I had someone that would give an ear to listen during this time. . . Just listen. I always know for the most part, what I’m challenged with at that time is a temporary situation. Fear and anxiety would love to come within, but I always reject and don’t receive those thoughts. I then hear that gentle and sweet whisper say “I’m so loved by God and He cares for me greatly.” I also know He loves and cares for you reading this post just as much . . . Equally.

I encourage you today to don’t fear, don’t allow anxious thoughts to take resident in your mind when challenges and changes happen in your life. I encourage you to trust God unconditionally with your situation. He is actively aware of everything going on in your life. And has already prepared a way of escape and deliverance. Don’t look at what you think He is not doing, but rather look at what He is doing. God will never, never, never turn His back on you. Sending you peace, healing, and love. ~ Joseph Stingley

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Stellar Moon Photography @stellar_moon

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