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Things That Matter: September 30, 2018!

As we move into a new week . . . If you only can pray for one thing, let it be the following:

“Pray for your lips to be clean, acknowledge the times you gossiped about people or broken their trust. Pray that you will be a friend people can trust. Pray for your friends, that they will be healed of past hurts caused by names they have been called, bullying, emotional hurt, or gossip (both true and untrue) that has spread. Pray that you speak only positive words about where you live, other people and stop being negative and complaining.”

For my yoga teaching schedule this week, click here: my yoga teaching schedule. Also, I’m available for private sessions where you can experience and see immediate results in your life (spiritually and physically). With love and peace, ~ Joseph Stingley

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Stellar Moon Photography @stellar_moon

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