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Be Still & Listen!

I believe you can truly relate to this . . . God wants to speak and have a conversation directly with us, without interruption from the noise of our everyday busy lives. He wants to take and meet us at a place where there are no distractions and no others. It’s a place of silence. It’s a place for many of us where there is a great need in our lives, because the daily provision we are accustomed to are no longer being met.

God has tried to get us to this place of silence on our own volition, but we are now driven there without choice. In His loving way, this place is a time of refreshing, seeing that He has been with us all the time. But, because we have been so busy with life, we forgot that He is still there, still gently leading us.

The place of silence is one of an appointed time of one-on-one communication with God. There are no distractions, no people, no beautiful surrounding to capture our thoughts. It’s a place designed to allow us to be still, seek, pray, meditate, and hear clearly. When He speaks, we are able to listen and hear much better.

If you need to hear from God today, if your life is such that you have not been able to hear His voice, stop, find a place (ask the Holy Spirit where the physical place is), so there is open communication and opportunity for you to hear without distraction. My prayer is that you will make the time to hear. With love, ~ Joseph Stingley

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