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Bouncing Back From Disappointment.

During my quiet time this week, I felt a strong sense that many of you reading this post have . . . Gone through a season of real brokenness where you’ve lost something that was near to you, dear to you. You lost something that you loved and you had a choice at that point in your life to replace it with things of the world or replace it with God. And you came to God like a child with your hands open saying, “God, I don’t have it all figured out. I come to you humble and broken.”

God shared with me to tell you that, “He loves how you’ve dependent on Him. He said: He will be your provision and your protection. He is going to give you everything that you need, and you’ve learn to trust Him, even deeper. He is with you always and to the very end. Know that.” Sending you peace, healing and love. ~ Joseph Stingley

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