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Things That Matter: October 7, 2018!

Life can be challenging. Especially when it seems like you are in a season of difficult situations. You may be experiencing a tough season and it feels like an overload of burdens, be it financial, physical, relational, or spiritual. In the midst of all these troubles that are the hardships of life, God is faithful to bring us through them all. I say this with confidence and personal experience.

My prayer for us this week . . . “Dear God, Thank You for the strength to overcome the trials of life. I come to You and place my problems in Your hand. Help me to help others who are suffering hardships as well. Amen.”

For my yoga teaching schedule this week, go to: I am available for private yoga and meditation sessions where you can experience and see immediate results in your life (spiritually and physically). With love and peace, ~ Joseph Stingley

Photo credit:
Stellar Moon Photography @stellar_moon

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