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Be Your Purpose!

This past weekend I spoke at the Cosmic Yogi Festival in Addison, TX on “Open Mind, Open Heart.” One of the attendees afterward told me that she didn’t know what her purpose was in life. I often find many individuals not sure of their life’s purpose. As I shared with the young woman, one of the key things every person needs to know is that God placed them on this earth at this particular time. Whatever they are currently doing is their purpose. And events of their purpose can easily change from moment to moment. Our purpose in one statement and one sentence is “Be your purpose, allowing everything to happen by The Spirit.” Sending you peace, love, and healing. ~ Joseph Stingley

For my yoga teaching schedule this week, go to: my weekly yoga teaching schedule

Here are the classes I’m subbing this week:
Sunday, November 18th, UpTown Yoga Studio, Austin Ranch (The Colony) location
1. 9am, All Level Flow
2. 10:30am, Deep Stretch
3. 4pm, All Level Flow

Photo Credit: Laura Fremeau

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