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If It Troubles You, God Wants To Take Care Of It!

With all the demands of life, especially during the holiday season, take time to talk to God about anything that is troubling you. If it troubles you, He wants to take care of it! His love for you is all-encompassing, personal and in-depth. There is nothing in your body or life too small that you can’t bring to Him and watch Him take care of! I invite you to come take a yoga class with me this week. Allow me to love on you through the practice of yoga. Remember that the true intention in not for us to please ourselves by practicing yoga, but to find rest as a result of the gift of practicing yoga. With love and peace. ~ Joseph Stingley

For my yoga teaching schedule this week, go to: my teaching schedule this week

Here are classes I’m subbing this week at UpTown Yoga Studio, Austin Ranch (The Colony) location:
* Wednesday (11/21) 4pm Deep Stretch
* Friday (11/23) 9am All Level Flow; 12 noon Strictly Core; 4pm Core Flow; 5:30pm All Level Flow

Yoga Pose: Reverse Half Moon (Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana)

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