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Open In Case Of Emergency!

In the early 90s’, I was a volunteer with the Dallas Suicide and Crisis Center. I can clearly remember that during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, the calls were almost non stopped. Many of us have either experienced extreme stress, depression, or suicidal thoughts during the holiday seasons, or could face one of these frightening situations in the near future.

I want to ask you to don’t dismiss a thought, intuition, or a feeling to reach out to individuals that come to mind especially during this time of year. Your phone call, text, email, or showing up in person could very well be the tool that God uses to bring peace, healing, love, and possibly save a life.

God is in control of whatever situation we’re facing, yet He wants to remind us that He’s also calling us to be connected with Him in bringing help, peace, healing, and love. We are to be open for others when life’s circumstances get out of control. With love and peace, ~ Joseph Stingley

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