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The Benefits Of A Moving Meditation Yoga Practice.

Whenever I feel stressed or worried about something, I pull away from life’s demands and chaos and simply meditate on God’s promises. Sometimes I go for a meditation walk in a park or on a trail, which gives me insights to see how God sees my challenges. The bigger God becomes in my heart, the smaller my challenges become. Many times when I just relax and keep my mind on Him, His peace and wisdom begin to flow in me, and the challenge that I was previously so worried about becomes minute and inconsequential in His presence.

The physical moving meditation of yoga with focus on the breathe is another tool I use for peace and healing. It too, takes away the weariness and stress of life. If you are faced with an insurmountable circumstance of life today, come and take a yoga class with me and let God’s peace drive out your anxiety. Let His wisdom direct your paths.

Here are three (3) opportunities for you to experience peace and wisdom in your life through the practice of yoga with me this Sunday, November 18th at UpTown Yoga Studio, Austin Ranch (The Colony) location. I’m teaching the following classes:

* 9am All Level Flow
* 10:30am Deep Stretch
* 4pm All Level Flow

Sending you love and peace this weekend. ~ Joseph Stingley

Yoga Pose: Side Crane (Crow) Pose (Parsva Bakasana)

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