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Be The Change You Wish To See!

A couple of days ago, a student in one of the yoga classes I taught texted throughout most of the class. I approached and mentioned that I would like for her to stop and not text during class and to turn her phone off. Within a few minutes after I spoke to her, she continued to text. At that point I released her . . . meaning not focusing or sharing any of my energy towards her. The process worked. She stopped texting but my spirit was not at peace with my decision to release her.

During Savasana (Corpse Pose), I asked God to help me look at this situation from His eyes. The Spirit immediately prompted me to talk to her after class to see what was going on in her life and why she was texting doing class. The focus was not to be on the texting in class, but to find out what was really happening with her mentally and spiritually.

In talking to her, I found she is a mother of 5 children. She just started a new business. She was receiving and sending texts to her business partner in another state. She forgot to leave her phone outside of the class and forgot to turn it off when class started. She felt she had to respond to the incoming texts.

My heart went out to her. I asked her to leave the phone outside the class room next time. I told her she deserves a minimum of 60 minutes per day — just for herself. Everything else can wait and be put on hold for at least 60 minutes. She agreed and will take my suggestion for the next time she takes class. She was at peace when our conversation was over, as was I.

As we love as God loves, we look beyond the physical, rejecting, and not allowing the negative thoughts toward others to take root within us. And we ask God for help if need be. Then we will see change, freedom, and transformation from darkness to Light in our world inside out!

Wishing you an amazing weekend! With love and peace. ~ Joseph Stingley

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