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Let’s Continue to Dance!

Growing up in a Pentecostal church, there would be opportunities during the praise and worship where we would dance throughout that part of the church service. The old and the young dancing together. After the church service was over, burdens were lifted, depression, anxiety, and stress were non-existence. This past weekend, I danced, danced, and danced. Afterward, joy, peace, and a knowing that “All is well” was strongly present.

I know I wasn’t the only one who danced this past weekend. Let’s continue dancing on our mats. Whether you prefer to move intensely or in a little (or a lot) more subdued manner, it doesn’t matter, you’ll find freedom, peace, and joy here. Looking to see you on the mat. Have a wonderful week. With love and peace. ~ Joseph Stingley

Click here for my teaching schedule ===>: my teaching schedule.

I’m also subbing the following this week:

  • Thursday 12/6, 12pm, Uptown Yoga studio Austin Ranch (The Colony) location.
  • Sunday 12/9, 4pm, Uptown Yoga studio Austin Ranch (The Colony) location.
  • PM or email me to schedule a private yoga session with me at Uptown Yoga studio Austin Ranch location.

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