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Look For An Alternative Route!

For more than 10 years I would travel the DFW metroplex teaching yoga classes at various studios, gyms, and recreation centers. Many if not most days I would be stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway, or in a roadblock where traffic would be backed up for miles.

Most people sitting in traffic were content to wait it out. But I would look for some type of movement in a lane, making my way over to it. Eventually, I would find a way off the freeway and find an alternative route. Sometimes it would be a slow progress, because others had the same idea as I did.

You might be thinking “Why is he sharing this story?” Because I found that many people are willing to just sit and wait out the traffic, no matter how long it may take. They won’t look for an alternative route to get to their destination. But, with God, there is always a way through an obstacle, challenge, or situation. You just have to ask for His help to solve the problem before you. Something to consider and think about.

This week I pray that whatever challenge, obstacle, or situation you are facing, ask God for help. He will help get you through and out of the traffic of life that is before you. Have a safe and wonderful week. With love, ~ Joseph Stingley

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