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We Are Saying “I see you.”

There are days that we will encounter individuals who are challenged with life. And there will be times that we will feel uncomfortable and insecure in being around these individuals. If we just show up, be in their presence, we are saying “I see you. I may not be able to solve your situation or make it better, but I’m here in your presence.”

From personal experience, showing up for others will ALWAYS cost you something. Then, why do we do it? Because God is constantly showing up for us. Not only is God our Creator, He is our friend, our community. If we want to mirror how God loves, how He “shows up”, then we must learn the most important thing from Him, that we loved from a place of unconditional and everlasting love.

This weekend, lets show up for others, letting them know that their lives are not a mistake, and that their challenges, pain, and sickness is not the end, nor the whole story. We let them know they are loved, love unconditionally, and our love for them is everlasting. Have an amazing weekend.

With love,
~ Joseph Stingley

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