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Deep Water Experences!

There will be times that God will take you into deep waters that you lose control of the situation, and you have no choice but to fully trust Him, believing that He is with you. Your power and truth will not come forth until circumstances in your life get to the point where there are no alternatives but God. During this time, you get the opportunity to see God work supernaturally on your behalf.

Some deep waters experiences will not be of a short period of time, but for an extended time. If you are in a deep water experience, I encourage you to stay the course and don’t give up or give in. You are there for a reason, a greater purpose that you are called to. Trust God unconditionally. Trust His knowledge that this is preparation for your next level of love, faith and abundance beyond what you can imagine or think. Praying love, healing, peace and hope over you. ~ Joseph Stingley

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