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Spring 2019 YTT: You’ll Often Hear Me Say These Words . . .

You’ll often hear me say these words . . . I use my life to help bring strength and stability to those that are around me. I help others succeed at what God’s called them to do. This is one of the greatest gifts, one of the greatest things I’m called to do. It’s just part of my DNA. Yoga teacher training is an extension of this calling. This training I provide will not only teach you how to take students deepen into their poses. It will teach you to stand for integrity, how to listen, how to be a good role model, refuse to give in to current trends, refuse to compromise your values, refuse to let your character slip, be confidence, committed and faithful to welcoming and loving others unconditionally.

Perhaps it’s time for you to take the next step and experience much more than you could ever imagined. When you enroll by February 16, 2019 and pay in full, you’ll save $200 on tuition. Payment plans are also available.

For more information about this training, click here ==> Spring 2019 Yoga Teacher Training

Session starts March 2019. With love, ~ Joseph Stingley

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