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Inspired by the healing potential of love, compassion and community?

Before you can get to a place of peace and contentment, you have to first acknowledge and work to accept the fact that life can get tough and messy. There has to be a spiritual experience, an awakening, a foundation development in your life to get through your mess.

If you are looking to move beyond the idea of Yoga as a mere physical practice; if you are inspired by the healing potential of love, compassion and community; if you realize that there is more to Yoga than meets the eye; if you see the need of people to slow down and become more mindful, rather than speed up their already stressed out nervous systems, then taking yoga teacher training with Soul Motivation Yoga School is something you should consider.

I have been working for several years to offer teachers and non-teachers in training an amazing program that is strong with wisdom and knowledge and formatted to educate and equip them on the importance of an individualized practice. Helping them become more effectively prepared to address their own and their students’ needs in a professional, safe, loving environment.

Click this link for more information ==>: Soul Motivation Yoga School Teacher Training
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Don’t wait.
Spaces are filling up quickly.
Limited to 25 students.

With love, ~ Joseph Stingley

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