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Joan of Arc . . . “Joseph, speak your truth.”

This portrait has much history and story associated with it. In 2016, I had a prophetic dream in which Joan of Arc appeared to me. Her words were simple. She said “Joseph, speak your truth.” I immediate knew what she meant when she spoke those words to me.

It was a confirmation from God to deliver His message of unconditional love with intensity. To challenge, encourage, and urge people that God loves them regardless of their past, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sect and class. To keep the message simple and never stop letting people know.

I asked several artists to paint a portrait of myself and Joan of Arc, but was turned down. And then I met Amy Tigner ( found a model for Joan of Arc while at a workshop in Canada. Amy usually did her work in watercolor, but this painting she did with oil. SIDE NOTE: Joan of Arc died the same day I was born, May 30th.

To find more out about this “dream commission” painting of Joan of Arc and myself, visit Amy Tigner website here ==>
Amy Tigner Web Page With love, ~ Joseph Stingley

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