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Brittany: Incoming Spring 2019 YTT Student Testimony!

God has called each of us to live for a cause greater than ourselves – a life that is dependent on His grace and power to achieve things we never thought possible through our lives. The teaching of yoga is a tool that you can use to go forth in your calling, your mission, and your purpose.

Soul Motivation Yoga 200 Hour YTT is an opportunity for individuals like you to learn how to live for a cause greater than yourself. This training will allow you to experience the power of resurrection in your life which you can impart into the life of others.

In her testimony, Brittany didn’t waver at the opportunity to live for a cause greater than herself. She jumped at the opportunity and asked God to bring forth resources to achieve the things she is to do, through the practice and teaching of yoga to various communities. The way (resources, grace, etc) has always been there and available. Brittany used her fatih on purpose and spoke these thing into existence. You can do the same!

Our Spring 2019 200 Hour starts March 30, 2019! Applications are being accepted through March 25th. Visit this link for more information: Visit here for more information! or send an email to With love, ~ Joseph Stingley

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