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Encourage Someone This Weekend!

The weekend is upon us! And many have already begun to experience a loneliness because the weekend is here. I want to encourage you that whenever those thoughts and feelings come, it’s now a battle with your mind. The thoughts and feelings will try to make you feel like you are alone and without help. But nothing could be further from the truth. I have prayed over you to be encouraged and strengthened as you reach out to our powerful and compassionate God who is always there no matter what the time of day, situation or circumstance. Just ask for help. And help will appear.

And others of you reading this post, allow your intuition to come forth, following through and reaching out to individuals that come to your mind. Give them a call, send a message, take them for a bite to eat, go see a movie, take a yoga class together or take a walk in nature. Praying and sending you love, peace and healing. Have an amazing weekend! ~ Joseph Stingley

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