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Single Life . . . Opportunities To Serve Others Without limitation!

During my quiet time a few days ago as I’m meditating on the love of God, a comment came to mind. The comment was . . . If given two choices, (1) to be married and with all of the comforts of being married to the perfect woman, designed just for me; OR (2) go on unlimited adventures with God, in various parts of the world and beyond. Without hesitation, I chose #2.

Being single is really a blessing that we who are single should see as an unlimited opportunity to serve others without limitation or responsibilities to others. If you are single, you are where you are this moment in time because God allowed it to happen. God isn’t puzzled by your singleness and He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Somewhere in your future, you might be presented with the same choice as I was. And you might just make the same decision I did . . . To step out of your circle of comfort and into the unknown. Have an amazing weekend! With love and peace, ~ Joseph Stingley

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