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Finding What You Desire & Need . . . In Stillness, With A Small Quiet Voice

A few days ago as I sat down, just to be still. My mind was all over the place. I asked The Spirit to speak to me, with whatever He wanted to share. Nothing came. I just could not get still within my mind.

So I turned to a book of dreams I purchased several weeks ago written in the early 1920s. The page I opened to was speaking about several ways of looking at dreams. And the last part of the page had the following note . . .

“God is not found in the storms. He is not found in the earthquakes. He is not found in the fire. He is found in the stillness, a small quiet voice.” Within a few minutes, as I returned to my breathe, stillness, revelation and answers came. Sending you peace, healing and love. ~ Joseph Stingley

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