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Forget Your Past, See Jesus Do A New Thing!

Today, I want to encourage you to stop dwelling on your past mistakes. There is no hope in living a life of regret and can lead you to not fulfilling God’s call on your life. Instead, I ask you to chose to forget your past, and reach for the things that are ahead.

Again, I urge you to not live in your past. Whether it’s a failed marriage, a huge mistake you made, or a hurtful comment from someone, leave them all in your past and move forward. By all means, learn from your mistakes. These are what I consider life lessons. But, look to Jesus as your success, wisdom, comfort and strength, and see Him do a new thing in your life by His favor, grace and mercy.

See Him giving you stronger and divine relationships through His wisdom and abundance. See Him giving you a better job with better benefits. See Him restoring your health, better than it was before. Consider not “the things of your past,” but consider, meditate, and ponder on His better promises. This is the path I have taken that has moved me forward into His prosperity, where nothing is missing and nothing is broken!

With love and peace,
Joseph Stingley

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