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Be A Rock In The Life Of Another

Be A Rock In The Life Of Another

September 12, 2019 was the last day of my teaching yoga classes. At the beginning of class that day, a student handed me a gift, a card and a box of cookies.

As I sat down towards the end of the day, I begin to open the gifts received from all the students and read their hand written comments and notes. They were all great gifts, including the notes. But two of the most precious gifts were from two students, one who gave me her gift and card right before class started and another, who gave me her card after class. In this blog, I’ll only share about the gift I received right before class started. (I’ll share in an upcoming blog about the gift from the student at the end of class.)

Now about the student’s gift before my last yoga class started . . . The student started attending classes with me a few months prior to my last day of teaching. I always asked students to introduce themselves to 1-2 people after class. (A way of building community and relationships.) I started noticing that that this student would introduce herself to a few people after class, but never would introduced herself to me. This went on for a few class sessions.

So, I begin to have small talk with her after class. She slowly warmed up to me, but not a whole lot. During one class while the students were in their last pose (relaxation) I sat by this student, grabbed and held her hand for that entire pose. Interesting but not really, she held my hand too. After class, we smiled at each other and waved goodbye.

With only several more classes to teach before I taught my last yoga class, I could sense that her confidence of a safe place had settle within her spirit regarding me. We begin to chat after class more often. I found out that she was in her final semester of advance studies in college. There were other students in class that was in the same field she was in. I made a point to introduce her to them. They all connected with her, even giving her tips on employment, etc. after she graduated.

Now just a few weeks before my last class, this student didn’t attend one of the classes, but came after that class was over to see me. She was all smiles. She said she had just passed a major test in her field of study. She drove to class just to let me know that she passed her test. I had a meeting that I needed to be at right after class that day. I asked if she would talk to me as we walked to our cars. During our brief walk and conversation, I congratulated her on her success of passing that major test. Then, I told her I had to go to my meeting. We said our good byes.

That afternoon in my quiet time, I heard the Holy Spirit say “She felt safe with you Joseph in sharing about her success with passing that test. Perhaps you could have spent more time with her, celebrating her success instead of rushing off to your meeting. She came to share the news with you because you showed her compassion and love without knowing anything about her.”

The Holy Spirit was actually telling me to “slow down” with life. Stop, breathe and be sensitive to His voice. If I had, I would have just been late to the meeting, because this precious soul that shared with me about this wonderful thing that happen to her . . . Her passing this major test was more important than the meeting I was going to. And that meeting that I was going to ended up being canceled until a future date.

So, I asked permission from the Holy Spirit to hand write her a note (card) and put $10 with the note. My note to her was congratulating her again for passing that major test, apologizing for being in such a hurry that day, not celebrating her accomplishment to the full, and asking her to receive the $10 gift because I was so proud and thankful for her sharing with me that day.

On the last day of my teaching yoga, her hand written note stated that “She appreciated that I found value in her. Important: you rock!” And my heart sank within my chest. Why? Because this is what Jesus talks about in the Scriptures . . . Displaying and showing compassion, which is “passion = love”, for others. Just perhaps you reading this blog will “slow down”, pay attention and listen when individuals come to you about accomplishments in their life or even a crisis in their life. You taking the time with them could possibly will make a world of difference in their life. Something to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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