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Find Out Who You Are

Find Out Who You Are

Coming in contact with individuals on a weekly basis, sometimes the question comes up that they “Don’t know who they are.” In simple words, they “Don’t know what their purpose is in life.” Most of them have spent most of their life trying to figure out who they are and what their purpose is in life. I’m sure there are plenty of books, articles, podcasts, just an unlimited source of information that talks about this. And the number one source that most forget to consult about “Who they are” and “Their purpose” is God.

I always point individuals back or to God and the bible when asked the above question. I know from personal experience that one will discover him or herself, their identity and their purpose in life through a personal interaction and relationship with God. There will be nothing mystical or strange that will occur with such interaction, exploring and building this relationship with God. One will come into understanding his or herself.

Every truth, worldview, culture, everything that they had experienced and known may go against the invitation of God’s interaction, relationship and information founded in the scriptures. If they don’t ignore what God is saying and presenting or go another route, they will find that God has been going all out in chasing them. He has been wanting to make their life better, giving them a place in His kingdom on earth and in heaven. God has and will continue to chase us, even to the end of the world.

Today, my prayer is that you will know that God is right by your side. He has been there all the while. He longs to interact and have a relationship with you. Only in Him will you find true identity and your place of purpose in life.

Here is my prayer:
“Dear God,
Give those reading this post eyes to see.
Give them ears to hear.
Give them a mind to understand.
Give them a heart to believe.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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