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Love Is Proven By Serving And Listening

Love Is Proven By Serving And Listening

Serving others is as much about listening as it is about loving others. We should always remember not to carry the thought that we consider ourselves to be good listeners when engaging with others. But when we enter into conversations with others, ask about their life, work, dreams or their future. Once they begin to share, don’t interrupt. Just listen. Perhaps ask the Holy Spirit to help you hear with your heart, as to what they are sharing.

Often, people will share such things as mentioned above about their life, and the information is really important to them. We won’t hear what they are saying, nor what the Holy Spirit is trying to say to us from their sharing, when we go into conversations thinking that “It’s easy to listen to others.” Something to think about and consider.

With love and peace,
~ Joseph Stingley

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