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My Last Day Of Teaching Yoga

My Last Day Of Teaching Yoga

Today is a milestone in my life and perhaps the life of many others. Today is my official last day of teaching yoga and of being a yoga teacher. It has been over 15 plus years that I have taught yoga classes, trained and certified many individuals who are now yoga teachers.

I knew this time was coming around 2 years ago. Then at the end of 2018, the feeling got stronger. And on June 8, 2019, at the end of a yoga teacher training session, I heard God say clearly “You are done!” I shared the Word from God with the teachers at the end of that session. Some didn’t have a clue regarding the statement while others knew within their heart, the end of an era had finally reached it’s end.

My time as a yoga student, yoga teacher and yoga trainer was one of the most precious and wonderful experiences one could ever have and ask for. I met individuals from various cultures, who spoke various languages, and had various occupations. Each person brought and placed a unique experience that touched my heart in ways words can not express.

I’m so grateful for the master yoga teachers I learned and trained under, including the various organizations, corporations, yoga studios, fitness centers and small business owners who gave me opportunities to share and teach the practice of yoga with them, their employees and members. However, the greatest teachers were the students attending classes I taught. They taught me one of the most important things I could ever learn . . . To walk in the unconditional love of God, at all times, in every situation and circumstance.

So, what is before me? Early retirement for one. Leading and helping individuals find healing in freedom, including emotional and spiritual trauma, shame, anxiety, and forgiveness of others and themselves. One of my main focus will be to help and show individuals why they need Jesus in their life. And possibly some mission work abroad in other countries. No details yet, just bits and pieces. But I know God is working it all out, including my path as I take life one day at a time.

With love and peace,
Joseph Stingley

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